Living Life consciously in mind, body and Spirit

Come Join Us


You can find classes at Spiral Garden Wellness Center as well as other wellness centers worldwide. We love to travel! We sponsor classes and trips to places like Arizona, Peru, and Ecuador. 

Our classes taught by Facilitators spanning the Globe


We have holistic practitioners that provide classroom instruction. Our facilitators are Physical Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, Educators, Aroma and Massage Therapists, Botanists and Musicians. We offer classes that teach stress reduction, gentle stretching, energy techniques, sound healing and movement classes as well as simple meditation techniques.

Benefits of a Holistic Approach


* Understanding the mind, body connection
* Learn real life strategies for stress reduction and well being
* Balancing life in a healthy way
* A dedicated team of practitioners who see you not just your illness
* Opening the mind to a healthy way of thinking
* Feeling supported and cared for in mind, body and spirit
* Greater enjoyment of life 

Come visit us at Spiral Garden Wellness Center in Ooltewah